“Height-135cm!”: This is the star of “The Game of Thrones”: How does his wife look?

Here is what the wife of the unique star of “The Game of Thrones” looks like

His height is one of the main factors that people recognize this absolutely unique actor who has excellently starred in “The Game of Thrones”. The great actor’s height stopped growing once it reached 135cm.

The legendary actor got married a theatre director E. Schmidt 17 years old and since then the spouses have been literally inseparable. Many were more than sure that their marriage wouldn’t last long but those people were, fortunately, mistaken.

“Bravo, she was not afraid of his height”, “Ridiculous”, “Such a handsome and charismatic man”, “He plays brilliantly”, “Let’s wish them happiness and family welfare”.

“They look very funny”, “Will his children have normal height?”, “They don’t really suit each other”.

What do you think?

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