The most beautiful girl in Israel: This is what model Nastya Averbuh looks like and how she lives

Here is model Nastya Averbuh – the most beautiful girl in Israel

Model Anastasia Averbuk, in spite of her age, has already built a mind-blowing career and achieved great success in the modeling industry. The little girl holds the title “the most beautiful girl in Israel” and she always delights her parents and makes them be proud of her accomplishments and achievements.

Nastya was born to a family of a famous football player Aleksandr Averbuh. Once the mother of this girl decided to show her adorable daughter, the little cutie immediately attracted millions of people and many agencies desired to collaborate with her.

She started to appear on the cover of magazines as well as on the fashion shows.

Currently, Nastya develops herself as a model and her parents are the girl’s biggest supporters.

They clearly see that their daughter succeeds in this sphere and, most importantly, enjoys her job.

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