“Is that Gomez?”: Selena’s current appearance literally shocked the network users

Selena Gomez was heavily criticized because of her current appearance

The loyal fans of gorgeous and talented 28-year-old Selena have recently been highly impressed and shocked by their beloved singer’s current look. They firmly hold the opinion that their favorite artist has radically changed and is now unrecognizable. These days, paparazzi managed to catch Selena and take some photos of her which immediately caused discussions and criticism towards the singer.

Her worried fans took efforts to recognize their beloved, pretty and thin Selena in recent photos. The contrast was so clearly visible that people couldn’t understand how Selena managed to gain so much weight within a relatively short period of time.

People wonder what actually happened in her life that she stopped taking care of herself.

According to some network users, the unwelcomed changes in her appearance can directly be connected with her poor health condition as it is well known that the singer suffers “Lupus Erythematosus”.

Selena is only 28 years old and her fans sincerely hope that she will soon recover and look the way she looked before.

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