A smart cat understood, that he’ll have a small brother

A real surprise for the cat. He saw his owner’s pregnant belly for the first time

This cute kittens life, whose name was Mingy is going to changed a lot. The cat’s owner Mel Cappuccino is expecting her first baby(human) and Mingy will soon have an elder brother.

He only recently understood it.

The woman kept her pregnancy a secret from her cat for a long time, but he seemed to notice something. “He started to behave differently”.

One day the woman was sitting on the couch when the baby started to stir and it was a bug surprise for the cat.

“That’s when he started to examine. Than I began to capture.”

Mingy gently put his paw on the woman’s belly in order to feel his little brother.

“I was very happy to manage to capture this affordable moment.”

From the day everything changed. The cat liked his new role as a protective brother.

Mingy had finally met his younger sister.

“I adore Mingy and I’m happy, that my baby will be raised with him. I think they will become best friends and their connection will last forever.”

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