Kiwi and His Goth Wife Had Four Uniquely Beautiful Cubs and the Whole Social Media is Just in Love with Them

The unique love story of a parakeet and his goth lover

A 19-year-old Maura T. Hennelly shared an incredible love story of her favorite Parakeets on her Twitter account and all the netizens immediately fell in love with the two cardinally different lovebirds and their story.

If a person is a pet-lover who is also allergic to fur parakeets a great choice of pets for those people. These wonderful creatures have won the hearts of millions pf people with their cuteness and beauty.

A girl named Maura was also one of those people who fell head over heels when she first saw Kiwi. Kiwi is the name of Maura’s parakeet who is such a colorful and bright male bird who was feeling very lonely and sad until Maura adopted a goth bird named Siouxsie.

It was a real and pure love from the very first sight for these two wonderful creatures. Despite being cardinally different in their appearance they immediately fell in love and began their true love story.

Maura soon shared the news that Siouxsie was about to lay eggs and she gave birth to four wonderful baby parakeets.

“Remember Kiwi & his goth gf?” Maura noted on Twitter. “They are now a unique family with their four beautiful half goth cubs.”

This is really a wonderful and incredible love story, isn’t it?!

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