A gator weighting 1000 pound is fed by the hands of a college student

A brave girl, who worked with poisonous snakes, alligators and crocodiles

Many people would be afraid of a 13 foot, 8.5 inch huge alligator, bit not this lady!

Mackenzie Alexis Noland was a college student, who started working at Gator Country. Mackenzie began her work to do the incredible things with the help of the owner Arlie Hammonds.

She worked with alligators, snakes and crocodiles. Most people are afraid of such creatures, but this courageous girl worked with  photons and  poisonous snakes!

Their mission is to give the animals home and take care of them. They also worked with schools and colleges to teach student take care of the animals.

Her most important goal while working there was the thing she managed to persuade the huge gator to trust her and fed him with her hands.

Bystanders were amazed by the young girls steps. She walked into the dark waters, the huge gator came closer, she started to fed him with her hand and even tapped on his head as if it was a dog.

Mackenzie is really fearless to do such dangerous things, but seeing her love with the animals she seems to be loving her work. She even had her graduation photos with her huge gator friend.

You can watch the brave girl’s video, where she feeds the gators, but please don’t do this!

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