«Will Bruce Willis act again?»: Tarantino will film seriously ill Willis in his latest movie to honor his acting career

To honor Willis’s acting career, Tarantino will film the actor in his new movie 🤔🥹

It has become known that filmmaker Q. Tarantino is currently working on his latest movie. He has plans to include B. Willis too despite the fact he no longer acts because of his severe ailment.

For those who still don’t know, the great actor had to stop acting because of his serious health issues. The filmmaker wants to honor the man’s acting career by involving him in the new movie.

He hasn’t discussed that with the prominent film star’s family, but if they don’t agree, he is going to use old footage of the great actor and nothing on Earth will make him change his mind.

Do you think the family will agree? Do you want to see Willis in the new film?

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