The «James Bond» star talks about her incurable disease!: Seriously ill Judi Dench has no plans to leave the industry

Dench at 88 opens up about her health issues and saddens the fans 🧐😢

This successful and notable actress is world-renowned for her role in «James Bond» movies. During her interview to The Mirror’s Notebook magazine, she admitted that she had no plans to stop acting.

However, because of her health issues and poor eyesight, she can’t even read anymore. She also faces difficulties while trying to memorize long lines from the script and can hardly cope with her roles.

The whole thing is that the legendary star has macular degeneration which occurs quite often in people over 50. It can’t anyhow be cured and is getting worse day by day.

Dench honestly talked about her poor eyesight and the challenges it caused on BBC’s Louis Theroux show last year. Because of this, she doesn’t want to retire since she can do nothing else but to act in films.

It is worth mentioning that she started her acting career in 1957 and made a debut in the movie «The Third Secret». What is more, she deservedly received an Oscar for her role in the 1999s «Shakespeare in Love».


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