«What happened to the runway icon?»: The fans hardly recognized the former legendary model in these photos

This is what age and years have done to one of the iconic 1990s’ supermodels 😳🧐

C. Schiffer was a world-renowned and enormously successful model in the 1990s. She was the favorite model for many designers who highly appreciated her unearthly beauty and desired to work with her.

She appeared everywhere – on runways, magazine covers and then on social media captivating everyone with her exceptional beauty, femininity and charisma. However, the runway icon is now 52 and is a dedicated mother and wife.

The opinions about her appearance vary: some believe she looks much better for her age, the others can hardly even recognize her in the latest paparazzi photos.

Schiffer is among the celebrities who embrace natural aging and don’t turn to artificial methods in pursuit of eternal youth and beauty.

Her most recent appearance with a swollen face caused mixed reactions.

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