Rachel from «Friends» has no plans to age!: 54-year-old Aniston wins hearts with her timeless beauty

Rachel from «Friends» at her 54 flaunts her legs in a see-through mini dress 😍

The recent appearance of Hollywood actress J. Aniston together with her co-star, A. Sandler, was nothing but a sensation. All the cameras were directed to the iconic actress whose stunning appearance drew everyone’s special attention.

Everyone’s favorite popular TV series star flaunted her slender legs in a transparent mini dress and let no man stay indifferent. The tiny dress perfectly emphasized her gorgeous body giving her even more femininity.

The fans were literally speechless to see what the gorgeous actress looks like at 54 claiming that it is not illegal to look so fantastic at such an age. There is no denying that she manages to keep herself in shape.

Becoming the queen of the evening, she made a deep impression on absolutely everyone there.

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