«Shows her post-partum body a month after childbirth»: Lohan surprised everyone with her figure

Lohan showed the fans what her body looks like a month after giving birth 🤔🤗

According to reliable sources, L. Lohan gave birth to her heir in July. She often shares her limitless joy and happiness about becoming a parent and experiencing the delights of motherhood for the first time.

The couple had a son and named him Luay. And here she is showing her post-partum body a month after giving birth. Lohan admitted that she was very proud of herself during the pregnancy and now she is in the process of recovery.

It is worth mentioning that she welcomed her first-born in Dubai where she is currently living with her husband. Now, she wears special underwear for post-pregnancy so as to get in shape as soon as possible.

People learned of her pregnancy in March and then were informed that the baby was a boy.

For those who don’t know, the celebrity and B. Shammas have been together since 2020. They got married last year shortly after he proposed to her. And now, they have a son and are a complete family.


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