«A future supermodel!»: Towards the grown-up heiress of actor Tom Cruise, no one can stay indifferent

This is what an angelic beauty Hollywood star Cruise’s only daughter has become 🥹😍

It is no secret that this prominent actor and his wife divorced in 2012. The breakup with his partner led the man to cease to communicate with his only daughter too. Here is 16-year-old Suri who is always the center of the paparazzi’s attention.

Her recent appearance with a friend of her immediately caught the photographers’ close attention.

«She is the exact copy of her father!», «Nothing is more powerful than genetics», «What a beauty she has become, I can’t!», «How long did I sleep?», «Why can he not communicate with his only heiress I wonder?».

«A future supermodel!». How did you like her?

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