«So much like their fathers»: 10 lovely daughters of famous fathers who look a lot like them

These girls bear a strong resemblance to their star dads 🥰🤗

There’s an opinion that daughters mostly look like their fathers and sons look like their mothers. But sometimes girls don’t want to be like their dads, because they inherit their rugged and masculine traits. However, we are powerless to genes and have to accept ourselves what we are.

There are many daughters of famous men, who have a strong resemblance to their fathers. Here we have chosen 10 celebrities whose daughters look like them a lot.

Adam Sandler and his daughter

Kanye West and his daughter

Paul Anderson and his daughter

Mick Jagger and his daughter

Liv Tyler and his father

Zoya Kravets and his father

Johnny Depp and his daughter

Ireland and her father

Bruce Willis Rumer and his daughter

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