«No longer slim and attractive». Actress Sienna Miller and her younger boyfriend were photographed on a luxury yacht  

Sienna Miller’s transformed body has been criticized by her fans 😳😱

Sienna Miller and her younger partner were on vacation, when the paparazzi managed to photograph them having time together. The actress was in a colorful swimsuit, but it’s seen that she has lost her previous form.

The couple were enjoying themselves and it’s clear that they really love each other, because during the whole time they were together and looked happy and satisfied.

Recall that the couple is together since last year, and fans hope that their relationship will last long.

The body transformation of the actress was criticised by netizens, who wrote that she has lost her charm and attractiveness. It’s clear that she has gained weight, and it’s what deeply worries fans.

Do you agree with fans in this matter?

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