«A hanging belly, huge breasts and an exhausted look!»: Theron looks unrecognizable in paparazzi photos

The fans refuse to believe that this fatty woman with a hanging belly is Theron 😱🧐

The appearance of Ch. Theron has always been the center of attention. Believe it or not, she always looked amazing and didn’t even have cellulite. However, everything changed shortly after she experienced the delights of motherhood.

She has gained much weight and is now hard to recognize. The folds of fat and cellulite on her body leave a lot to be desired.

Comparing her current appearance to that of her younger self, it is simply impossible to recognize the actress.

Her big hips and hanging belly leave the fans of the movie star speechless. Whereas she looks much better at the moment and managed to lose some weight.

However, if we consider her age, it is needless to say that she kooks stunning. She looks as though she has just come from a prestigious magazine.


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