«After a workout, with a bun and without makeup!»: The natural look of Lopez came as a big surprise

Lopez shows her makeup-free face and gives the fans one more reason to admire her 🧐🤔

Somehow, even at 53 Lopez manages to maintain her stunning appearance often posting «honest» photos of her showing her face with no makeup She has recently been caught by paparazzi and pleasantly surprised admirers with her natural beauty.

Probably, she had just left the gym. The photographers could find the right moment to capture her and succeeded. «I can see nothing special and unique here», «There are millions like her in our village!».

«Two absolutely different people with and without makeup», «She has such an adorable face. I can’t!».

«She has been the most hard-working and talented actress I have ever known», «She somehow looks better with no cosmetics on», «No words needed!».

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