«Amy with glasses and cardigans behind the scenes»: Everyone was delighted seeing how the «The Big Bang Theory» star looks now

This is what a beauty was hiding behind the girl with glasses in «The Big Bang Theory» 😲😍

For those who don’t know, incredibly talented, charismatic and outstanding actress M. Bialik, who brilliantly played the role as Amy, first appeared in the series in the third season and immediately won hearts of millions of viewers.

One may say that the character had her own distinct and individualistic style nearly always wearing thick-framed glasses, striped cardigans and «grandmother» knee-length skirts.

Only few know what the actress in real life and behind the scenes actually looked like. Mayhem will soon celebrate her 47th birthday and still looks amazing. She is often called a fashionista who always delights and greatly influences others with her looks.

Her each appearance in public, events or shows deserves our special attention. Many added that the real-life actress has nothing to do with the character she portrayed neither in character nor in appearance.

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