“Isolated from civilization on their own island”: The incredible story of spouses who created their own island

The spouses have been living on an island they themselves created for 29 years

The limitations due to the quarantine and lockdown caused by a terrible disease led majority of people living in the world to realize how it actually is to be completely separated from all the others, sometimes even family members and the closest relatives and friends. It goes without saying that the pandemic, in fact, has had a huge and irreversible impact on absolutely everyone’s life quality. However, believe it or not, this non-standard couple dwells in complete isolation since they have created their own island and have been happily living there for about three decades. The spouses’ names are Wayne and Catherine whose life story didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

About thirty years ago, the family sold everything they possessed and eagerly moved to a place where they created their own area isolated from the human civilization, instead, creating their own.

While building the island, the spouses clearly understood that it should be stable enough for the coming generations as well and they managed to find all the required materials.

It should be noted that the island has a spacious garden with lots of fruit and vegetables, an art gallery, a dance floor as well as solar panels on the roofs. The talented man managed to design the plumbing as well.

As a result, Wayne and Catherine created a place where they two lived on their own and were absolutely happy.

It is worth mentioning that the access to the island for other people is not permitted and no tourist tours are held in the territory.

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