Unconventional Housemates: Rian Nissens Discovers Unexpected Galago Primate Residents in New Home

It was an unexpected but pleasant visitor  😳🥹

Rian Nissens went to his new house and spotted that someone had already owned it. There were galago primates under the roof of the house, but they didn’t disturb Rian, so he let them stay there.

But one day something surprising happened, when he heard a strange sound while working on the computer.

He found out one of the little creatures fallen on the sofa. Luckily, nothing had happened with it and he was unharmed. Its mother was carefully looking from the roof, hoping that nothing bad would happen.

At first, the man took him to check if everything was ok with him, then carefully put him on the table.

Then the sweetie returned to his mother, who was strongly worried and frightened. Luckily they were reunited again and continued to live happily.

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