«Unconditional love and affection.» The disabled boy was overjoyed for having a pet

The puppy, who came to the life of the disabled boy and changed it a lot 🐶❤️👦

Pets fulfilled our lives with love and affection, that can’t be explained. A little boy named Jonny had a disability and he was assisted by a puppy named Lexi and it became much more simpler for him to live.

His mother told, that his disability made him depressed and he wasn’t able to sit and must always be connected to a machine. He lacked his body control and also couldn’t breathe without a special machine.

Jonny knows what is happening around him but he isn’t able to react it.

His mother told, that he is entrapped inside himself.

Lexi is very kind and loving and also had a difficult past. His owners took him to the rescue facility and left there so he was awfully malnourished.

She was helped by a foster mother.

One of the rescue group members told, that she was bathed for the first time by her foster owner. Then she took her to the vet and after examining it turned out, that she had two seromas the size of a lemon. She was treated for it and also for the worms and they considered it must have happened as she spent the whole day and night on a cement surface.

The Foster mother soon understood Lexi is a unique dog and has a great personality. And she immediately considered placing Lexi in a house with lots of interactions.

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