The woman came across a very sad thing: an abandoned kitten lying in the bushes was fighting for his life  

This is how this cat became a victim of people’s indifference 🐱😢

Dog owners know that they must take their pets out early in the morning. Elena is a responsible owner and she provides her dog with a nice walk each morning.

One ordinary morning when they were outside as usual, the dog pulled his owner into the bushes as if he wanted to show her something.

After a few minutes Elena spotted a strange thing in the bushes. When she went closer, found an injured kitten looking at her with sad eyes. The woman spotted that one of the kitten’s paws was injured, so he needed quick help.

Nothing was known about his past and why he had appeared in such a terrible condition. Maybe he had a family and was abandoned by them or he was stray since his birth.

The cutie was taken to the vet at once. There it turned out that his injured paw must be amputated.

Despite the difficulties he passed through, he was very loving and friendly. He adapted to his new environment easily and created a strong bond with his rescuer and the new sibling.

When he becomes healthy and strong enough, Elena will find a forever family for him.

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