Philippine Man’s Heartwarming Act of Kindness: Stray Puppy to Health Using Natural Remedies

Kindness has no bounds 🥹🥲

A man named Raevin Amante Bonifacio showed his kind heart towards the animals. The man didn’t have the needed amount of money to pay for the puppy’s vet bills, but he still gave him all his love and support.

The dog turned out to have mange and he started losing his hair and his skin had sores. People like Raevin gave such poor puppies the happy and enjoyable life they deserved.

Raevin is from the Philippines and is trying different things to help animals in need. Although he didn’t have a lot of finances he considers to treat the animals’ wounds at home.

The man used a herb called Gliricida, which is. a well-known herb for treating mange. He also used some guava leaves and herb to make special medical baths for the puppy.

The man also treated the puppy with coconut oil to recover his skin rashes and itching and he also added it to his food.

He also gave the puppy vitamins for his immune system and took him to the ver to vaccinate and deworm.

With the help of the caring man’s attention and support the puppy soon transformed into a cute one.

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