Miracle Rescue: Abandoned Homeless Dog Overcomes Trauma and Finds Loving Home

The dog’s legs were operated and he had was taken by a loving family 🐶🤗

A nonprofit rescue organization was founded to provide homeless people and their dogs help. And one day while they were working they saw an awful sight, a small homeless dog was abandoned in a river channel. After discovering him they immediately sent someone to the place to treat the dog.

They learned, that a homeless man had injured the dog’s legs before abandoning him like a trash. The small baby had spent two days alone and slept on top of an empty bag of chips.

The co-founder of the rescue group went to the river channel to save the dog with the help of the ladder. The poor puppy was suffering a lot and was placed in a basket. He was named Jordan because of the river and sent to the vet clinic. The vet told, that it was a true miracle, that he managed to survive. He was given a blood transfusion and bathed. Later his legs were operated on and he was taken to the foster home.

The sutures were removed two weeks later and he continued his recovery.

And after all of this Jordan managed to find a loving home. They opened a Facebook page Jordan the Wonder dog and share there photos and story of Jordan with his new siblings Luna and Gracie.

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