Meet Eston, the Extraordinary Bull Who Thrived Among Horses and Captured Hearts

No one expected to see it in such an amazing condition  🥹🤗

Eston is a sweet bull, who was born on a small farm, but he spent his days in awful conditions. Luckily, a kind woman named Sabine Roy saw him and decided to buy. When she brought Eston to her farm, she had to keep him with horses, but it had only a good impact on him.

When Eston first arrived there, he was only three months old, but after a short time he adapted to his new environment easily. He started to behave like a horse and it really surprised his owner. However, Sabine Roy was happy about it.

Eston became a trained and intelligent creature, and apart from his appearance, he was no different from horses.

Although now he weighs 1000kg, he is harmless and friendly. His owner takes care of him perfectly.

The woman continues to train the bull, being sure he will become famous all over the world.

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