House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary: A Haven of Love and Care for Abandoned Aging Dogs

The woman considers looking after all the aging dogs 🐶🥹

A woman named Sher Polvinale have 26 dogs to look after. The woman opened a place called House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary to help all the old puppies, that have suffered because of their old age.

There are all other volunteers, who came to the house to help the puppies.

Sher told, that there are some puppies, that cane to their house just up to the end of their lives and they treat and love them all the time.

Sher and her other volunteers are making the puppies’ life as happy as possible. When the dog comes to their house he stays there until the end.

These puppies were abandoned by their owners for not being able to treat their aging issues, as some of them couldn’t move others have respiratory and cardiac problems.

There is a special place in the house, where all the dogs have their photos hung next to the stairs.

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