Heroic Dog Saves Elderly Woman’s Life: A Tale of Courage and Canine Instincts

Here is another piece of proof of dog loyalty  🐶🥹

Once something amazing happened in Minnesota, when a smart dog became a savior for an old woman.

It happened when Tim Kerfman was walking with his dog on a cold day. The owner spotted that his dog began to behave strangely and decided to follow him to see what was wrong. As soon as they reached their neighbor’s backyard, saw an old woman fallen on the frozen ground.

The man hurried to pick the woman up. He took her in and changed her wet clothes. He stayed with her for some time to be sure that she was feeling good.

Thanks to the smart dog’s strong senses, the helpless woman was saved, otherwise he would stay on the frozen ground for a long time, because it was an extremely cold day and no one was outside.

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