Heartwarming Reunion: Lost Dog Traveled Hundreds of Miles to Find His Beloved Brother

The rescue centre knew the brother puppy would perfectly find his brother 🐶🥹

The two puppies from the same litter named Rico and Rafiq were found in a water drain all alone and eating trash. Their sisters were saved and they grew up together.

The two puppies were taken to the animal rescue group to be treated there.

After their sisters’ adoption they remained in the shelter for two years. And during the time they became inseparable and adored one another.

The two dogs were very shy, but they also treated respectfully their owners and other dogs at the shelter.

Rafiq was adopted by a loving family from Denmark, but they were inseparable, so he escaped from the house two days later. He went after his brother. They had always been together.

Rafiq’s new family searched for him everywhere, but they couldn’t locate him, as he was in an unfamiliar place for him.

And the rescue centre considered going to Denmark with his brother Rico in order he could easily find his brother. They were right and Rafiq was found two days later.

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