Heartwarming Rescue: Dog Finds Freedom and Love in Phoenix Man’s Care

The dog had always desired to be loved and cared 🐶🥲

A dog was released after being chained for ten years in his previous owner’s house. A man named Jared Piper rescued the dog. Summers are very hot in Phoenix and temperatures can get up to 120 degrees. The man shared a video on the Internet where the dog had a dejected impression.

At first, the dog started barking and growling when Jared went to see him. The following day the man came back and the dog was calm and sociable. He appeared to like the attention.

At first the dog was very mistrustful of people but then he became very friendly and calm. He looked so violent because of his condition.

One day the owner of the dog saw, that the man was communicating with the dog over the fence. The man told the owner of the dog, that he needed medical treatment and it is very cruel to tie the dog all the time.

The man also told, that he had lived almost ten and fifteen years of his life in shackles. Jared was able to take the puppy after he insisted on giving the dog a better life.

Jared freed the dog from the chain, gave him a bath and also took to the vet for an examination. After all of this he considered to name the dog Rusty Diamond.

Rusty now has the opportunity to feel the true love he always desired.

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