Heartwarming Efforts: Volunteers Provide Care and Love to 150 Homeless Dogs, Inspiring Community to Take Action

All the people should take a good care of the puppies 🤗🥲

There are almost 150 homeless dogs in a cemetery in the Philippines named Sarhento Mariano. They aren’t all alone and abandoned; most had sarcoptic mange. The shelter founder told about their residence and made it much more bearable.

Ashley told, that at first it was like something out of a movie, especially when anything comes from the devil.

The volunteers and Ashley together took the puppies for a walk before the heat becomes unbearable. They are always so happy for meeting Ashley and eagerly jagged their tails.

The woman gives all the dogs food, medical care and also a lot of love. Many dogs showed signs of recovery from the mange because of her following sterilization and castration.

She also said that most dogs are wild and eat somewhere out and she just gives them food once a week.

And the most important thing is encouraging others to also take care of abandoned dogs.

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