Enduring Hope and Joy: Abandoned Dog Boss Finds Loving Home After 280 Days in Shelter

The dog deserves to be loved and cared in his new forever home 🐶🥲

A dog named Boss spent 280 days in the shelter, as he was leftover by his family. They told, that they couldn’t look after him any longer and he had a single wish for Christmas just to be adopted forever. During all this time he was looked after in the foster home.

The shelter staff considered sharing Boss’ story on the Internet to help him be adopted.

He is an older dog, but he is still very attractive and adorable.

He has a perfect name for his appearance, as when they walked through the neighborhood they saw, that people respect and appreciate his stately appearance.

When they spread the picture of Boss with a note wishing to be adopted a family considered to meet him.

The shelter told, that the family came to meet him and he talked to them and also tomorrow they will bring their two dogs to understand the reaction of Boss to them. The shelter thanked everyone for their kindness and support.

It was the best Christmas gift for Boss to be adopted by a loving family. After living alone for such a long time he deserves to be loved and cared.

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