Devoted Puppies Yearn for Home: Kelly and Saggy Seek Loving French-Speaking Family to Stay Together

The dogs seemed to understand French better than English 🥹🤗

The mother and daughter puppies Kelly and Saggy couldn’t understand, that their owner had passed away. They tried hard to return back to their home in Canada. They have always been close.

There was no one to look after them after their owner had passed away and so they were taken to the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Animal Protection Society. The president of the society promised to care for them until they managed to find forever homes.

The puppies were sad and wanted to return to their previous owner and their house.

Society shared the information about them. They wrote, that the two girls are very lovable and sweet and they liked the attention. Kelly is a little hesitant after meeting new people, but soon she will warm up. Saggy is not so reserved.

They also told, that they didn’t know whether they were sterilized or not. And also they needed someone to speak French.

They are very close together, are well educated and seemed to understand French better than English, so a French speaker is needed. They are likely to stay together.

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