Canine’s Transformation: Otto’s Journey from Neglect to Trust and Happiness in a Loving Foster Home

The dog changed his personality and mind after a few weeks being rescued 🐶🥹

Otto had a very difficult life and he was awfully abused and mistreated, so he tried to flee from people.

Happily, all his life changed thanks to his new rescuers, who supported and helped him regain his trust in humans.

Otto’s abuse was not known, but he felt that he hadn’t been having a good time. Otto was so scared of people, that he even peed on himself.

Many vets, who learned about Otto’s history considered he would never be able to overcome his trauma and have a normal family.

His rescuers believed they were doing the right thing and it would be the best start for Otto’s life.

Part of Otto’s therapy was the care and affection and his rescuers wanted to show him they are always by his side.

At first it was very difficult for Otto to trust people because of his awful past, but over weeks he managed to change his mind about them.

Otto now lives in a foster home and is very active. And also he has a new canine friend with whom he can go to excursions and play games.

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