Volunteer Rescues Lonely Puppy, Discovers Abandoned Siblings in Heartwarming Shelter Stor

The sweet puppies received good care and will soon be placed in permanent homes 🐶🥲

A woman volunteering at the shelter saw a lonely puppy wandering around the field.  She went after the puppy without understanding it would take her to other leftover puppies.

The woman volunteers at her sister’s shelter. She immediately went to find Juliana her sister and took the puppy, who made her search the property for other leftover puppies.

And after some time they found a leftover white bag in a field and there were three additional weak puppies. They considered the puppies were almost five weeks old.

The puppies were awfully weak because of dehydration and malnutrition. Their bodies were covered in fleas.

The four puppies were taken from their mother and left over. They simply won’t be found if not the puppy, who managed to get away and meet Juliana’s sister.

They were immediately taken to the vet and after the examination it turned out, that they were in good health.

Juliana considered, that the puppies were left over by one of the local residents. She told, that there are many abandoned dogs.

Juliana hopes the puppies will be absolutely healthy before finding their forever homes.

She also told, that it would be hard to find leftover puppies because of the huge number of homeless dogs in Bogotá. She writes in her blog, that there are almost 1300000 leftover dogs in the capital city of her nation and they have a lot of work to do.

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