Veterinarian Gives New Life to Abandoned Kittens: Meet Wild, the Resilient Feline Who Overcame Adversity

That’s how his life changed!    🥲🤗

Have you ever heard about this profession – a veterinarian-neonatologist? Specialists in this field deal with newborn homeless animals, who can’t survive on their own and need special care and support.

This happened with our today’s hero Wild, a sweet and adorable kitten, who got a second chance at life when Sarah Tiedeman appeared in his life.

Just look at him before his transformation! He was miserable and helpless.

But Wild was not alone: he was with his sibling Savage, and they both passed under the strong care of the vet.

Sarah began her procedures quickly, taking care of the sweeties perfectly. The beginning was difficult, because the little animals were scared and weak. Even they couldn’t drink milk on their own, and Sarah fed them with a bottle.

After a short time, the kitties began to feel better and gained much weight.

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