Unlikely Friendship Saves a Life: Worker Rescues Stranded Puppy, Adopts Him as a Beloved Family Member

An adorable story, that showed the workers kindness and love towards animals 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A man named Vitisak started his work and couldn’t imagine something unique might happen. The oil rig he works on in the Gulf of Thailand is 135 miles out to see.

But when he looked down towards one of the pillars on the rig he saw something unusual: there was a sweet little brown dog.

The dog appeared to be frightened and very tired. Vitisak immediately asked his coworkers for help and they saved the puppy from the ocean.

They considered to nurse the dog back to health for a few days then it was taken back to land. This was done as he needed time for treatment and was clearly tired.

An animal rescue center in Thailand took him and ensured he regained his strength. Vitisak had to work for another ten days and then went home and the first thing after going to the shore was to go and see his canine friend.

When Vitsak met the dog he immediately recognized his rescuer and was overjoyed. And at that moment Vitsak told the rescue organization, that he would like to adopt the puppy and take him home.

After all the arrangements Vitsak went to his home and his parents and sister were in love with their new sweet friend.

Happily, the story had the best possible ending, as it was difficult to imagine the dog could stay so far away from the shore. Thanks to Vitsak and his colleagues for rescuing the puppy and giving him another chance.

What an adorable story.

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