Unconventional Pet Love: British Animal Lover Forms Unbreakable Bond with Rescued Cheetah in South Africa

She has found her true soulmate  🤔😳

When we speak about a pet, first of all we think about dogs and cats. Of course there are many other domestic animals who can be great pets, but what about a cheetah?

Our today’s heroine is the owner of an adorable cheetah, whom she saved many years ago. At that time it was just a baby.

The case took place in South Africa, but it was not the only one who was rescued by Heather. She has saved a great number of wild animals, giving them a second chance at life.

Although she is from Great Britain, she now lives in South Africa and is focused on the protection of wild animals. She is a great animal lover and tries her best to make their lives safe and carefree.

But this one is not just a saved animal for her, it is her soulmate and they share a strong bond.

At first, she rescued it, then fell in love with it and realized she couldn’t live without it. So long has passed from that day and they continue to enjoy their life together.

Many others find their safety and happiness thanks to the great efforts of this adorable girl. She takes care of those who need attention, then sends them to special sanctuaries.

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