Touching Tale of Care and Companionship: Orphanage Workers Provide Love and Comfort to Rescued Gorilla Ndakasi

Kind workers of the orphanage took good care of the gorilla  🦍❤️👨‍🦰

A gorilla named Ndakasi was just two months at the time of her saving.

She was saved in 2007 from the Congolese wilderness.

She was taken care of by Virunga National Park workers. She was discovered with her mother, who was in a very bad state after the poachers’ attacks.

After being transported to the orphanage the gorilla saw a man named Andre Bauma. He was very caring and attentive to her to protect her from all the bad things.

And even he spent all night with the gorilla comforting her in his arms during the storm.

With the help of Andre and other kind people she received a chance of safe and sound life.

Andre and Ndakasi’s first pictures were posted in 2019.

But sadly the gorilla wasn’t able to fight the disease couldn’t survive at the age of 14 years old.

She chose to spend the last moments of her life with Andre, her best companion.

Andre and other workers of the orphanage did all the possible things to make her life better.

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