Touching Rescue: Stray Dog Refuses to be Saved Without Her Blind Puppy, Heartwarming Reunion Ensues

Loving mother and puppy were found all alone  🐶😢

Petunia was a stray puppy. She is often seen in the park, where parkgoers feed her, but most of the time she finds food for herself.  The dog refused to be rescued without her little puppy, who was so small that she couldn’t open her eyes.

When the rescue group from Los Angeles learned about her they immediately went to take her. They managed to find her in the parking lot under the truck, as she was a little frightened from her rescuers.

The mother dog didn’t want to be saved, but Eldad Agar slid under the truck to rescue her.

Although she was a little scared, she perfectly knew everything would be OK. At the moment she stood up and walked away and Eldad was able to grasp her leg.

Usually people don’t catch a frightened puppy by its paw, but Eldad didn’t have another chance as he was afraid the puppy would run away again.

Eldad was very experienced and quick and he managed to get Petunia out. She clearly understood, that she is now protected even if she was still scared.

When they caught Petunia they understood the reason of her anxiety. Petunia was lactating and it was clear, that her puppy was somewhere nearby.

They managed to find the puppy too. She was on a pile of leaves. She was named Petals and taken to her mother, which made her happy.

Then they searched for more puppies with Petunia. Eldad played a video of a puppy crying to understand if there’s another puppy nearby, but each time Petunia watched the video she took her puppy.

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