The stray’s unbelievable transformation. Volunteers helped the homeless puppy change his whole life

The puppy became unrecognizable because of his previous owner’s irresponsibility  🥹🤗

The volunteers of one of Tokyo’s shelters supported the puppy to transform unrecognizably. His owners simply left him several years ago and he appeared in a shelter.

After arriving at the shelter volunteers were amazed to discover the puppy fully covered in thick filth and they couldn’t understand which side was his face. It was difficult to realize, that under the thick fur there’s a beautiful Poodle.

Volunteers couldn’t understand the previous owner of the puppy, who was able to abandon his dog in such a horrible condition and that the puppy is now having difficulties because of his owner’s irresponsibility. The shelter staff named the puppy Ginta which translates from Japanese as a silver child. The puppy was feeling awful and the name made him feel even worse.

Happily, Ginta was in good hands, who immediately considered helping the unfortunate puppy.

Ginta was a very shy and calm puppy, although he had been abandoned for a long time. But soon he started to become interested with his rescuers.

And when the volunteers were able to achieve the dog’s trust they started a huge transformation.

At first, they cut all his matted hair.

Ginta had a lot of filth and dirt, so it was a little hard and time-consuming process.

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