«She has altered a lot». The transformation of Cameron Diaz made her fans in awe

Fans are surprised with her new look 🧐😳

Many of you have seen the movie «The Mask», which became popular all over the world quite fast. At that time Cameron Diaz was still attending high school and was 16 years old.

The girl took a step towards acting, and her first experience was in this movie.

At the age of 17, she played a role in the movie and it became fatal for her, because after it she gained popularity.

Everyone was stunned by her beauty and attractiveness. So many years have passed since the release of the movie and its actors and actresses are not young anymore. Diaz is already 47 and recently she became a mother.

It seems the actress stopped taking care of her appearance and you can see it in this photo taken by the paparazzi.

Although her figure is not slim anymore and she doesn’t look as attractive as before, she is a beloved wife and loving mother.

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