Look at the girl who weights 352 and decided to change her life

Today we are going to speak about parents indifference that make such a huge problem for their lovely girl.

Meet Nikki Weber, from LA. She is 34 year old girl, who really suffered for her 352 kg weight.

Cakes and burgers were her lovely food since childhood, but no one can expect that one day she can’t do anything alone.

Yes, because of her abnormal weight she can’t even walk or do a little housework. She layed on the bed day by day, week bay month.

The most irritating thing is her parents reaction. They didn’t want to change something in Nikki’s life. They do probably nothing to speak and explain her the irreversible situation of her. Vice versa they make a special stairs for daughter and send her lovely food to the second floor in this way.

Thus Nikki’s weight become 352 kg and she becomes ill.

Glory to the Jack who accidentally met her in the hospital, she finally decided to change her life.

A long, hurd and dangerous road waits her. But Jack is still near by her. She passed away many operations in stomach, surgeon intervention.

But how you can see Nikki got married. Lost weight. And now looks much better and even happier.

We wish her all the best. Good of you courageous girl! Everything will be all right since and ever.
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