«A drizzling modeling career is yet to come»: The fans are delighted with the way Cruise’s and Holmes’s teenage daughter looks

Judging by how Tom Cruise’s daughter looks, we will soon see her in modeling

A great number of people strongly believe that others’ children grow up much quicker than their own. Legendary and successful actor Tom Cruise’s and his wife Holmes’s charming heiress, believe it or not, has already celebrated her 16th birthday.

For many, it seems as if it was just yesterday that the cult actor held Suri in his arms, and now she is already a teenager whom many call a future supermodel. The fans of the film star are of the opinion that she possesses unique beauty and charm.

Suri doesn’t let anyone remain indifferent towards her rare beauty and cuteness who has changed a great deal during the past few years. What concerns her parents, her father doesn’t take an active part in her upbringing since their divorce.

However, the opinions of the network users were again divided.

«Nothing special. She simply has an excellent taste and knows exactly what to wear», «Definitely inherited her father’s height», «Pretty, but she looks like 30 years older», «A rare beauty out of this world», «A drizzling modeling career is yet to come».

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