The blind cat was brought back by his previous owner and became adopted by a couple, who fell in love with him at first sight

Two furry friends, that hugged their foster owners from the first day

Jill Mardesich and her fiancé went to the animal shelter to adopt a new friend for their feline Penny. When they were looking around, a cat caught their attention.

“I had the delight of meeting Lucky Bear. I have never met somebody more cute and gentle, although he was born blind.” told Jill.

Lucky Bear and her best friend Pumbaa were brought to the shelter a month ago, as their family wad unable to care for them.

Their previous owner brought them back to the shelter in the hope of giving them a better life.

Lucky Bear doesn’t believe he is different from others, despite being blind. He hadn’t ever had eyes. He showed everyone, that he was the cuddling boss on the first day of his arrival.

Lucky Bear was already cuddling guests and staff the next day. Jill fell in love when he saw a small red haired cat, who slipped into her arms.

Pumbaa hugged her as if to say: “Don’t forget about me.”

Jill couldn’t resist the two cute furry friends. It was obvious from the beginning, that they had a special connection.

Pumbaa is the Lucky Bear’s friend and follows him everywhere he goes. When he goes to feed, he is accompanied by his friend. “Pumbaa does a great job of setting him to the terrain.” told Jill.

A kitten seemed to understand what his blind cat wants and likes. Lucky Bear was born without eyes and Pumbaa has become his eyes. They are completing one another.

Both of them got a new house last week and got used to immediately.

“I adopted them last Wednesday and they all seem to get along well.” Jill told.

From the day they have been adopted Lucky and Caron have been hugging their foster parents. They adore their new home and are happy to have Penny as their new friend.

The couple came to the shelter after a cat, but they adopted a couple of furry friends.

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