Reunited and Rescued: Stray Puppies Find Safety and Shelter with Dedicated Team

A difficult but successful rescue! 🐶🥲

Catherine and her husband were on their way home when they stopped the car and found two little puppies wandering the streets with their mother.

She fed them with food she had in the car, then as soon as they reached home, she posted their photo on social media in the hope of finding help.

Luckily, after some time, a kind girl named Inna responded and agreed to help.

The girl found a rescue team and managed to take the puppies to the shelter, but their mother was aggressive and didn’t let them come closer to her.

So the next day when Catherine came to her again, she began to cry in despair. The doggy was excited by the scene and began to come closer little by little.

Finally, they managed to bring the mother to the shelter and the family was reunited again. Their meeting was very touching and the whole staff got excited.

Now this adorable family enjoys its life at the shelter and is surrounded by loving and caring people.

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