Rescuing Mo: A Heartwarming Journey of Love, Loyalty, and a Life Transformed

The pit bull motivated the woman to find the job of her dreams  🐶❤️👩‍🦰

Kristin saw a thirsty and confused puppy wandering alone in the searing heat in Arizona and she considered doing something.

She tried to locate his owners she considered taking him home for food and water and also cleaning him up.

She allowed the puppy to stay with her at night and he quickly got used to his new home. He even snuggled under her armpit while she was asleep and Kristin was falling in love. She considered calling the puppy Mo.

But before taking Mo Kristin tried to find his owners once more and went to the place, that she found the puppy. She considered, that if someone was searching for him they would be worried.

She walked for some time and considered taking Mo to the shelter. And when Kristin was speaking with the staff Mo made a high-pitched scream, that wasn’t like any other sound she had ever heard.

Kristin was sad to leave Mo in the shelter for three days in order his previous owners were looking for him came to the shelter to ask about him. She also attached found fliers and shared it all on the Internet and hoped Mo’s owners would see, that he had been found.

And while no one appeared during the three days Kristin considered taking Mo and giving him a happy life.

Kristin spent many hours training Mo and also made her house comfortable for Mo. And also Mo screamed for many times.

At first, Kristin laughed after hearing Mo’s excited sounds. She was worried, that the sounds are produced by aggression or anxiety, but then she understood they are made out of excitement.

Mo also helped Kristin get through financial difficulties and losing her job. He also motivated her to find the job of her dreams.

Now they are advocating for mistreated and leftover pit bulls. And it’s clear, that their friendship is made in heaven.

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