Rescued Siblings Find Solace: Kind Owners‘ Touching Solution to Help Kitten Overcome Missing Mother

It made his life happier and calmer 🐱🤗

Once two siblings were rescued by the kind people. Although they began to feel better, one of them missed his mother so much, and what his owners did make him calmer.

Their names are Koi and Haku. When they were helpless and their lives were in danger, a kind woman from Japan heard about them and hurried to help.

As soon as they were taken to her house, their lives changed. Although at that time they were just a few days old and weighed only 120 grams, the woman provided them with much care and attention.

After staying under her strong care, the kitties began to feel healthier and better.

One of them, Haku, was more affectionate and emotional. He didn’t like to be alone. The owners thought that he just missed his mother and needed to cuddle and be cuddled.

They came up with a wonderful idea to return his happiness again. After a few days they brought a big soft toy which looked like an enlarged copy of Haku himself.

He accepted his gift with happiness and was strongly connected with it.

Now Haku never feels alone and hugs his inseparable friend all day long.

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