Puppy Overcomes Heartbreaking Past: Jag Finds Love and Acceptance in a Compassionate Foster Home

The puppy, who was suffering from epilepsy found a new forever home 🐶🤗

A puppy named Jag had spent almost 13 years in a chicken coop in Maryland with several other dogs. When they were found by the rescuers they were all in an awful state.

The puppies’ fur was so matted, that it made them difficult to walk or move. They couldn’t use water or go outdoors. Jag was the oldest dog of their group.

It wasn’t almost an easy thing to find a foster or permanent home for all the dogs. Many dogs of their group had fragile bones because of spending so much time in a cage and when they jumped some of them shattered.

Jag’s adoptive family returned him, as it was difficult for them to take care of him. The puppy considered he wouldn’t find a permanent home until he met Micah Larsen Brannon, who was the owner of many rescue dogs, and even the one, whose eyes were amputated because of abuse.

When Jag’s previous owners returned him back to the rescue facility, Micah was a volunteer there. He told, that he couldn’t imagine the puppy being alone at night in the office so he considered taking him home.

It was not hard to get used to the surroundings, as Jag has spent all his life with dogs and there were three rescue dogs in his new household.

Micah told, that he wasn’t comfortable with humans, he adored being alone or with other dogs and they respected his characteristics.

It turned out, that Jag had brain damage before and a week after his fostering he started having seizures. Micah considered adopting the puppy, as it would be very hard for him to find owners because of his character, old age and epilepsy.

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