Pilot Goes Above and Beyond: Transporting Chimp in His Lap for Safe Sanctuary Arrival

The inspirational work of a pilot, who takes care of the chimps during their flight  🐒❤️👨‍🦰

Animal kidnappers took the chimp named Tongo from the Virunga National Park in East Africa. And soon animal authorities saved him. The national park didn’t have an orphanage for such chimps and he must be taken to the nearest sanctuary to start a new life.

And a pilot named Anthony knew he must take Tongo to Lwiro Primates to keep him safe. But it wasn’t an easy thing for chimps to be transported. And Anthony considered not to transport the animal in a cage and he allowed the animal to fly in his lap. Chimps need contact and trust and it was the only way for making the trip less stressful for Tongo.

And Anthony’s care for the animals is completely amazing. He doesn’t just place them into his seat, but instead he cares for them, feeds them and puts them to sleep. This makes flying a lot less depressive for chimps and they arrive at their sanctuary safely and in a good mood.

Anthony and his teammates do everything to end the animal trafficking and assist such animals as Tongo to get back to the wild.

We consider their work is really remarkable and needs to be widely shared and appreciated.

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