Parrot’s Surprising Act of Parenthood: Adopts Quail Egg and Welcomes Unexpected New Family Member

From an ordinary egg to a lovely pet! 🥲🥹

One day Luna bought a package of quail eggs and decided to experiment with one of them and put it next to her parrot in the cage. At first, the bird was indifferent to it, did not touch it for a long time.

After some time the parrot started paying attention to it and took responsibility to take care of it as a real father.

After a few days, the woman gave up hope of finding anything interesting in the egg, but just then a baby quail hatched from the egg, which amazed her. He didn’t know what to do, how to take care of it and started looking for some information about the creature on social media.

After finding a lot of information, it turned out that it is not that difficult to keep such a creature at home, so the woman was fully prepared to make it her new pet.

After some time, the little creature got used to its new environment and became a full member of the family.

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