Miracle Rescue: Gioia the Kitty Found Alive After Five Days, Brings Joy to Owner and Rescuers

Skilled firefighters saw the kitty’s movement under the wreckages  🐱🥲

An adorable kitty named Gioia, which translates into joy from Italian was discovered by a caring firefighter after a strong earthquake happened in Italy. The kitty was found after five days spent under the wreckages of her owner’s home.

Thanks to the fire brigade’s skilled efforts the kitty was freed from the wreckage’s unhurt and given the needed rescue services. They gave her water and took her to the nearest veterinarian. She was found in one of the most damaged places.

The owner of the kitty Daniela Tursini was able to be evacuated from the house. When the intelligent kitty felt the movement she immediately understood she needed to hide and it made difficult for Daniela to rescue her.

Daniela was sad understanding there’s no sign from her cat and considered asking for rescue. She lost her hope of finding her kitty before receiving good news. After five days the firefighters were able to free the kitty alive under the wreckages.

The rescue group used bulldozers to clean the area and they soon saw the Gioia’s moving.

The kitty’s survival was a true miracle, as the earthquake was 6.2 magnitude. It caused a lot of damage and also there were many injured ones.

There were almost 200 animals rescued from the demolished buildings.

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